New Zealand dust up

I have been to New Zealand.  It was a wonderful place.  Ideal climate, pristine natural areas.  Friendly people.  At least they were.

  1.  The Government there has been trying on multiple occasions of the past decade to pass anti-gun laws similar to Australia.  But the population wasn’t having it, since they don’t have a problem with guns.  Now after this event, the government is telling them they are going to get what’s coming to them and they can’t stop it.  It’s for their own good.    Somehow, disarming New Zealanders will ensure that crazy Australians don’t shoot them.
  2. The guy was seriously deranged on many levels.  Like immigrating to NZ from Australia to protest immigration. He could have stayed in Australia, where he is a native to protest the fact that Australia has a huge immigrant problem.  But no.  Instead he goes to a country that has very tightly controlled immigration, and a thousand miles of ocean to help enforce it to protest the relative handful of “Asians” he finds there.
  3. It is sad that NZ is joining the rest of the Anglosphere in becoming disarmed international sissies.  But honestly, I don’t care.  It’s not like anyone was really counting on them to help defend Western Civilization.  Like Canada, they can mouth off and be totally free from the consequences of their irrational choices because of their location.  This was inevitable.  Kiwis, like Aussies and UK inhabitants before them, no longer believe that they have a God-Given right to self preservation or self-defense.  So, it makes perfect sense that they place no value on being able to do that credibly.  The crime rates in NZ are very low, mostly due to a very homogeneous population of 80% white (Anglo), 19% Mauri and 1% “other”.  There are no bear or other dangerous animals.  All the deer are locked up in deer farms.  So, there is no need for anyone to have a gun.  They are some of the few people on Earth who can rationally give them up and never miss them.
  4. When I say they can’t be counted on to help defend Civilization, I should also point out, that the Mother country (UK) and other Anglo-sphere countries aren’t being any help on that front either.  The USA has in the past decade become a dumping ground for the world’s unwashed non-Western populations and out political masters in Washington and our elites tell us how wonderful it is.  We foolishly got drunk one night and left the gate open.  Now we are over run and have no way back.  It’s like Bilbo Baggins answering the door to a bunch of hungry dwarves who barge right in and help themselves.  But at least the dwarves spoke the same language as Bilbo, cleaned up after themselves, and offered Bilbo something valuable in return.  THEN WENT HOME WHEN THEY WERE DONE.
  5. Trump has nothing to do with this.  Democratic party activists though can’t help themselves making some comment about it.  Trump is not and never has been a racist or a White Supremacist.  There is nothing in his history to suggest this and lots of things in his past to refute it.  But the lesson is, if you are a White guy, there is no amount of good will you will ever be able to buy from minority communities that will protect you from being called a racist whenever it becomes convenient.  Just like 30 years of Bret Kavanaugh being a Metaphorical Boy scout in his behavior with women did nothing to protect him from being accused of being a serial rapist and alcoholic.
  6. The Left does not understand how Americans think.  When the rest of the world sees violence striking close to home, they are easily stampeded into passing stupid, counter-productive laws to ban guns, as if that was ever the problem.  But in America, violence striking close to home, convinces Americans that they need guns MORE, not less, so that they can confront the violence and keep it outside their homes and communities.  This is why the multiple mass shootings in America do nothing to make Americans want to give up guns, but actually convince us of the need to carry guns everywhere.  News media thinks that publishing scary stories will convince us that guns are evil.  Instead, they convince us that the world is dangerous and we should do something about it to protect ourselves.  If the News media understood us, they would stop publishing stories about violence and instead publish stories about how our communities are safer than ever.

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7 Responses to New Zealand dust up

  1. doomdigit says:

    If the News Media understood us… then they wouldn’t be them.

    I do wonder about the real motives of the shooter. Was it serious? Or was it some 4chan type troll as some claim?


    • No One says:

      I have come to the conclusion that there is no profit behind trying to make sense of the actions of crazy people. And these things are always crazy people


      • theantignostic says:

        Time was if you were crazy you had to go live under a bridge because everybody picked up on your misanthropic signals and shunned you. Now, you can gain a level of affluence off Bitcoin or real estate, arm up, and go berserker on a society unprepared to deal with you.


  2. Heresolong says:

    Early reporting (the only kind I heard cause then I tuned it out) said that in two of the three locations a Muslim congregation member with a gun defended the congregation, otherwise it might have been worse. That, of course, even if true, will not change the push for a ban.


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