The news has been hyping the resurgence of measles in some communities. In every case, the media blames “anti-vaxxers”.

In America, those diseases were completely eradicated. So, it should be totally safe for everyone to stop vaccinating and not worry about getting it. Remember, the idea of spontaneous disease generation was disproved over 200 years ago. For anyone to get sick, a carrier had to bring that disease into the community.

We all know who those “carriers” are. You used to have to be vaccinated to travel internationally. Long boat trips allowed incubation times to develop. But today, we have nothing like that. Our nation has been importing unvaccinated people from rat-infested parts of the world for decades.

Our school systems encourage illegal aliens to send their kids and would never dare demand they meet vaccination standards first. That would be racist.

It’s not the anti-vaxxers. It’s the immigrants. In every way measurable, allowing third world people to settle in American is bad for Americans.


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4 Responses to Measles

  1. Heresolong says:

    Yup. Typhus in LA.


  2. John Webster says:

    Immigrants are not the problem. The system that allows them to attend schools without vaccination is. This is, in effect, a discrimination against American citizens.
    When immigrants integrate and become Americans, they do vaccinate their kids.
    Maybe we should have a “common sense” law – treat everybody equally! If somebody breaks the law as illegal migrants do, send them back. But legal immigrants who jump through the hoops to become naturalized citizens – welcome them!


    • No One says:

      Your argument doesnt make sense. The process of naturalization takes years, even if the immigrant chooses that path, and many don’t. During that whole time, they are foreigners. They have foreign customs, which includes hygiene and medical practices. You are saying that the 5% “good immigrant” is with having a policy to welcome all immigrants. Im Saying, “we are full, go somewhere else”. Yes. I think it’s great that your wife or adopted child is from another land and culture. They are obviously the exception.


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