Lowering the education bar… twice.

I was listening to the Kim Komando radio show over the weekend.  She used a term that I am sure she heard from somewhere else and finally trickled down to her.

You are all likely familiar with the term “STEM” to describe those fields in education that are hard and therefore have merit.  The term originally meant Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine (sometimes Mathematics).

Kim slightly modified it to Science, Technology, EDUCATION and Medicine.

Then she expanded it to STEAM, Science Technology, Education, Arts, and Medicine.

It seems that educators (the gatekeepers to higher education) felt like they were being disrespected because they were being asked to encourage young people to get educated in stuff that really matters, not waste their education like their teachers did.  So, they changed the term to be more inclusive of their own choices instead of standing firm on what was good for their students.

Then adding Arts to the term just makes it totally meaningless.  In reality, STEAM, just means, “study anything you like because they are all equal”.  Of course that is exactly the sort of advice you would expect from a HS guidance counselor, Vice Principal or Teacher because that reflects the choices they made, which are exactly the opposite of original STEM choices.

You can always count on the system to protect the egos of the people running the system even at the expense of accomplishing the nominal purpose of that system.

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1 Response to Lowering the education bar… twice.

  1. Heresolong says:

    I make fun of the A every time someone uses it at our school. So far hasn’t gotten me fired.


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