Overheard at the Newseum, DC


The Newseum is a private museum on Pennsylvania avenue between the Capital and the White House.  It is a prime venue and hosts lots of posh events.  They have the first amendment prominently displayed on the front of the building.  Last week the Newseum sold their building to John Hopkins.  I don’t know what JH will do with a building that prominently displays the first amendment, but I suspect they will make a few alterations.

Last month, I overheard some print “journalists” in the halls there discussing the state of things.

It is more important than ever that the mission of this organisation continue.  Never before in history has the first amendment been so under attack as it is today.


Of course, he was just talking about freedom of the press.  The Press isn’t under attack in any meaningful way.   I’m sure he was referring to the President calling some news agencies “fake” and “enemies of the people”.  But that isn’t an attack on free press.  It’s an attack on political opposition.  If they didn’t spend 95% of their print attacking the President, he might not see them as such obvious enemies.

Further, history must not be a required course in “journalism” school.  If it were, he would surely have heard of what a real attack on freedom of the press looks like.  For instance, in every case where communism or socialist government take control, one of their firs acts (besides murdering their opposition) is to take control of the media outlets.  And yet, the commercial media in America is 95% in lock step favor of promoting the Democratic party, which is every year growing more indistinguishable from the communist party.

I have heard that the Newseum is not going out of business, like most of big print media.  They will just move to a smaller venue.  I have heard that they have plenty of operating capital and this move is the fiscally responsible thing for them to do.

Personally, I have found the Newseum to be a pretentious waste of a good afternoon in DC.  This city is chock full of free public museums and the Newseum is an expensive private museum.  Further, their exhibits focus mainly on the big news events of the century, like the fall of the Berlin Wall, as if they had something to do with that and didn’t just tell everyone it happened.



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2 Responses to Overheard at the Newseum, DC

  1. Heresolong says:

    “Never before in history has the first amendment been so under attack as it is today.” Apparently he wasn’t referring to the Obama Administrations requirement that Catholic nuns provide birth control and abortions to their employees.

    No such thing as government run “free” museums. They aren’t free, they are paid for by the taxpayers. I’m all in favor of far more private museums which can then stay in business or fold (or move to smaller premises) based on their ability to appeal to the market of museum-goers.


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