Arts and Crafts: Cabinets

The mud room rebuild is moving along swimmingly. I have painted the walls, installed ceiling, and now working on cabinets.

First I lay them out on the floor to check the fit, spacing, and order. Then remove the doors to paint separately.

I start with the corner unit and work my way along. These are the cheapest cabinets that money can buy from lowes/home depot. You can see I used a ledger line on the wall. The red line is from my Bosch laser level. This thing is so useful (not a paid endorsement).

I also use the verticle laser to align the mounting screws with the marks on the wall so I don’t miss the studs.

I’m painting the cabinet doors with this cheap spray gun from China Freight. I was originally going to throw it away as unusable, but I discovered that the interior filter chokes off the paint flow with latex paints and the regulator totally failed, but I just removed it and now I get great results. My compressor has a built in adjustable tool pressure regulator that works fine to keep from over blasting the spray gun. I also have to thin the paint with 20% water because I only have a 1.4 spray tip and a 2.0 is recommended (but not available anywhere) for thick latex. And I mounted a bracket to hold it in my cleanup sink and in the work area.

Under the left cabinet you can see a support bar. This is from lowes, and is in the section with the truck tie-downs. Originally, that device is go across your truck bed to contain cargo from shifting. But it also perfect as a mini jack stand to hold up the cabinets.

Next: Lower row of cabinets.


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10 Responses to Arts and Crafts: Cabinets

  1. blueinfantry says:

    Nice work! The laser looks like a great idea and I may have to purchase one. I’m actually getting ready to restart the kitchen remodel that was interrupted when my wife died almost 2 years ago. That laser looks pretty handy, especially for indicating the studs…


  2. Ame says:

    i like the ceiling!


  3. Heresolong says:

    Vertical laser for studs is a great idea. I’ve always used the “whoops, that one missed, move it over a half inch” method.


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