Shutdown Update: Day 34

The unimaginable has happened.  Your government (a small part of it) has been shut down for 34 days now (including weekends and 3 federal holidays that it would have shut down on anyway).  And somehow, things are still pretty good in America.  It is as I said earlier.  The democrats have the most to lose by an extended shutdown because Americans might learn that they are just fine without a federal government.

  1.  The EPA is almost completely shuttered.  Only a few guards at the door are coming to work.  And yet, factories and refineries haven’t opened the pollution control valves to take advantage of the lack of enforcement.  Maybe the people who work at factories and refineries actually WANT clean water and air just as much as professional environmental activists at the EPA do.
  2. The USDA has prioritized their food inspection program to only inspect a few hot spots.  And yet, food-borne diseases are not running rampant across the land.  It is as if people who work at food processing and packaging plants already know how to do their jobs and aren’t waiting for every opportunity to poison their customer just to save 1/2 a cent per ton.
  3. Despite the TSA being “degraded” and having to work for free, Terrorists are not boarding every plane.  Air travel is just as safe and unpleasant as it ever was.  If anything, fewer TSA inspectors is leading to fewer reports of missing valuables from luggage.  It’s almost as if the airlines want to take off and land on time and not crash their planes just because there are insufficient airlines inspectors checking on them.
  4. It’s a shame that the Department of Education got funded before this happened.  It would be awesome to watch the teachers unions squirm as they try to explain that not having a working DoEd had zero effect on education in the USA.
  5. Make no mistake, this is a crappy way to run a railroad.  No private employer could force employees to work without pay.
  6. I hope the agencies that have unpaid employees are carefully tracking who is abusing sick leave and will punish them when they return to work.  Its bad enough to have to work without pay, but having to work extra hard to make up for some non-team-player is double bad.
  7. I especially feel sorry for the contractors.  They are for all intents and purposes, government employees.  They are out of work, expected to return to work, and will not get any back pay for the time they were out of work.
  8. Democrats are still wrapped up in the blame game.  It is the least important thing to talk about, but it’s all they have.  They can’t defend their open borders policy.  They can’t defend their pro-criminal policies.  All they have is how much they hate Trump.  They can’t give him a minuscule part of the federal budget because then he “wins”.
  9. I haven’t filed for my tax refund yet, but that should be good since refunds are not part of the IRS budget and the processing is all automated, unless there is a flag.  Though I fully trust the IRS to have a man in the loop to rubber stamp the decision of the computer, so that may be held up waiting for that one person to return to work and hit the “any key”.

People are not dying in the streets (more than usual).  Posh restaurants are not going out of business in DC (more than usual).   Bridges are not collapsing into the icy waters of the Potomac river (more than usual).  City and state governments are still fully functional (as much as before).


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5 Responses to Shutdown Update: Day 34

  1. Heresolong says:

    Only effect I have seen here in Washington state is that I haven’t gotten my NEXUS card renewal back yet, so it is more of a hassle to go visit my parents in Canada. Fortunately they’ve been in Hawaii for three weeks so I haven’t had the inclination to go visit them (at least in any way that would require me to cross an international border. The temptation to throw caution to the winds and go to Hawaii for a week was strong.)

    A thought occurs. If the purpose of the fee (that I paid in November) is to fund the NEXUS program, why should the program shut down? Unfortunately we have fees for the purpose of raising general revenues and a budgeting process that is unrelated to the size of the fee or where the fee came from.

    Not sure what happens if one’s passport expires. Is it the same? Can you no longer travel out of the country because the government is shut down and won’t renew your passport?

    On the bigger picture, I really wish PDT could have controlled himself and not announced in advance that he was happy to shut down the government since then the D’s might actually be under some pressure as they took some of the blame. I also wish that every government agency would be required to have a sign on their door and on their website stating “this office is closed until the Democrat’s provide some minimal funding for border security”. Probably illegal to do that, though.


    • No One says:

      The sign makers are furloughed.


    • No One says:

      I think the blame argument is silly. That’s how 5-year olds argue. I care about the results, not who gets blamed for something I don’t care about.


      • Heresolong says:

        I agree but when one side is being intransigent and refuses to negotiate in good faith, it is political pressure that brings them to the negotiating table. Without PDTs poor judgement, this whole thing would be blamed on them and they would have to make some sort of effort. Instead they get to sit back, reject everything PDT says out of hand, and go up in the polls. End result, as far as I can see, will be that PDT caves and gets nothing out of the negotiation. (I don’t watch the news so that may already have happened, I don’t know.)


      • No One says:

        When two sides each lay out a no-budge position, one side must eventually cave or overthrow the other by an alternative means.


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