Shutdown Update: 8 Jan 2018

It’s still going on.

  1.  With only approximately 20% of the government shut down, traffic is a LOT better in the DC area.  I’m recommending the government take a permanent 20% trim, to include parts of the government that are at work.
  2. “Non-essential” is a Human Resources designation, not an evaluation of importance to the taxpayers.  The guy who buys artillery shells for the Army is pretty darned important, but his task can wait until Monday, so he isn’t “essential”.  But the guy who has to fix the overflowing toilets at the pentagon has to be available to work weekends, holidays, snow days, and any other time when the toilets might overflow.  That is what is means to be “essential”.  So please just STFU about “firing all the non-essential employees.
  3. The news media tried to make a big deal about TSA employees calling in sick to work other jobs.  It was a difference of 5.5% absentee vice normal 3.5% for this time of year.  Not a trend.  Certainly not a crisis.  Pretty much not even noticeable.  There were still plenty of  barely literate TSA employees coming to work to ensure stuff would get stolen from your luggage, your pretty girlfriends would get felt up, you would get intimidated if you tried to take a picture of them breaking the law, and you could miss your flights… just like normal.
  4. The news media is telling us tall tales about government employees getting outside jobs to pay their bills.  Seriously.  What kind of job do you think you can get when you already have a full time job working for the federal government that you intend to return to?  Are there other employers hiring right now who need a few thousand more people whose skill sets don’t even exist in the private sector?
  5. I have no guess how much longer this can go on.  There is no incentive for either side to give in.  Each side can totally veto the other side.  Each side has promised to use that veto.  The fight isn’t about using concrete or steel.  That is a 5-year old’s argument.  The goal is a wall.  Choice of building materials is something that can be left up to the construction contractors.  If anything, the Democrats have the greatest incentive to find a solution to placate Trump because most Americans get along just fine without the US government operating at 100%.  Most Americans just wish they got a little tax break for all the things the Federal government is not doing this week.  And Democrats don’t really want the word to get around for most Americans that so much of the federal bureaucracy is expendable.
  6. Too bad the Department of Education wasn’t on the unfunded list.  Trump could just Veto that for the next 2 years all by itself and do what Reagan never could.

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  1. JN says:

    Thanks for the clarification on #2.


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