Arts and crafts: mudroom continued.

Ok. So I have the new power and plumbing hookups in. And new rockwood insulation behind that polyvinyl vapor barrier. I had to bump this wall out a little to make room for the 2″ PVC washing machine drain. I also had to use a 4.5″ angle grinder with a diamond bit to cut through that tile floor.

Then I needed to RIP out the old drywall ceiling to trace the overhead lights from the light to the switch and remove all the useless 240v wires from the old baseboard heaters.

At which point I discover that my attic insulation is R-19. No wonder the previous occupants needed three separate heating systems. (2 wood stoves, heat pump, baseboard heaters in every room and electric wall heaters in the bathrooms). I feel this is something that my home inspectors should have told me about. R-38 is normal for attics in this zone.

Here’s what it looks like with the insulation gone.

16″ Spaced 2×6 joists with 2×7 rafters. Conventional construction. You can see a knee wall in the upper right corner. This helps take some of the load from the rafters.

Now I put the r-19 back in perpendicular to the joists. And the new r-38 into the joist cavities. With the new poly vapor barrier, I should get about r-50 in this part of the house. The rest of the house will get similar treatment in due course.


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