The shutdown: 24 Dec 2017

Blame whoever you like. That doesn’t matter anymore. Neither side has any reason to capitulate and there is no middle ground. This is what we have come to. Stupid Republicans once again squandered majorities in both houses. The way the Democrats play is that they pretend they have a majority if they have 41 votes. This was all predictable.

I personally thought the last shutdown would be like this. But Trump caved then and guess what? Democrats showed zero gratitude. So what does he have to deal with this time? Nada.

Expect this to go on for a long time. Expect the government to continue running and spending money, “as if they are open”. Expect more agencies to declare themselves “mission essential” and spend money anyway.

As they do this, America loses any pretense to not being a banana republic. Congress becomes irrelevant. Just like all those years in the Obama administration when Congress couldnt be bothered to pass a budget. In the long run, that could be good, but it didn’t save us from Obamacare or from any of the regulatory atrocities his administration did.

America is in a constitutional crisis now. None of our governments care that we have a constitution or what it says. Not the courts, or the states, or the Congress, or the executive branch. This isn’t the way things are supposed to operate. But the Obama administration showed us that there are no rules and anyone who still plays by then is a sucker. Being in power is all that matters.

The only way I see this ending is with the impeachment of Trump. Is the shutdown goes on long enough, then other Republicans in the Senate will go along with it so they can return to business as usual. An alternative would be a veto-proof budget bill. But don’t count on that.


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