Trump Ends Hillary’s Illegal War.

Many of you may not remember this, but Syria is not an actual enemy of the United States. It became policy of the USA to overthrow Assad while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state. With no congressional approval or presidential order, she declared war on Syria and started funding and arming opposition groups in Syria. One of those groups later became ISIS who used that funding and arms to take a foothold in Syria and expand into our “friends” Iraq. ISIS didn’t grow because the USA left Iraq too soon. They grew because the USA, under Clinton, fed them. Iraq and Syrians paid for Hillary’s treating the world like a game with the blood of tens of thousands of their citizens.

No other presidential candidate can claim to have so much blood on her hands before even taking office. And no American newspaper ever mentioned this during the campaign. Nor did they bring up her unilateral push for war against Russia.

Yes, our allies are pissed because they know that the USA has been paying all the bills to defeat ISIS while they get to tag along and pretend they are still relevant. It is American AC-130 gunships hitting ground targets night after night while allied fighters take a few turns around the sky and return to base with their ordinance still attached. It is the thousands of American Hellfire missiles dropped from American drones that kept the battle moving when ground troops stalled. And we did that to the point of depleting our stockpiles, not keeping any to fight Russan tanks, or Iranian invasions.

The Joint Combined HQ first primary goal was to “keep the coalition together”. But I did some analysis and showed that only one nation had to “be in the coalition”. The USA. Everyone else could go home with no loss of capability. In reality, they contributed forces because they wanted their special operators to have combat experience.

Yes, ISIS is still a problem. But not in Syria. They are easily controllable now with local forces. Meanwhile, as long as our guys are tied down in Iraq and Syria, they can’t go after ISIS in Africa and Afghanistan. And that’s exactly what the Centcom commander wanted over a year ago.


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2 Responses to Trump Ends Hillary’s Illegal War.

  1. Please explain this to Lindsey Graham. And General Mattis. The opposition is telling a very different story. I think Trump made a clever move, compelling the Turks and Russians to finish the job alone, boots on the ground, instead of bombing the hell out of the Sunni cities and flooding Turkey and Europe with millions of refugees.
    If the Turks and Russians can’t finish off the 1% of Isis remaining if Syria and Iraq without the help of the Kurds, if the French and our other European allies now chose to withdrawn from the field, we will have learned a valuable lesson. Since when is America’s Global Mission to help our enemies destroy their enemies?


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