America is Communist

Seriously.  I can understand a few oddballs getting into the legislature like Bernie Sanders or that fruit-loop in NYC, but when you look at the entirely of this last election, it is obvious that 1/2 of the country is Communist.

The Georgia governors race shouldn’t have even been close.  A stupid obese black woman running for governor?  Seriously, Georgia?  THAT’s what you really want?

Same in the Florida race.  The Republican won, but essentially it is a 50-50 outcome.  Half of Florida WANTS the communist to win.

What was the point of fighting the Cold War?  Everything after WW2 was a waste of money and lives.  Korea?  Viet Nam?  Even Grenada.  2/3rds of Africa, South America and Central America.  For what?  Just to give it all away.

The real insanity of this is that in a 50-50 split country, we should have moderation in the legislature and courts.  Neither side having a clear majority is able to dominate and enact their most extreme element.  But with 51% in the House, or with a single communist in a black robe, EVERY extremest communist agenda item will get enacted and no one can stop it.  Of course, there is no extreme right wing.  The Republican party just seems to stand for nothing more extreme than what the Democrat party was in the 1980’s.

Congratulations Communists.  We will try again in 2020.  In the mean time, who is President?  Trump, that’s who.


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4 Responses to America is Communist

  1. AIACC! I used to think it was hyperbole, but Moldbug had it right. His grandparents were card carrying CPUSA members after all..


  2. Heresolong says:

    I suspect that the real problem is that most people who voted Democratic (and many who vote Republican) don’t actually follow politics so they don’t actually have any idea what their party stands for. This is a communications issue with the R side, assuming that everyone on the R side actually wants us to not be a communist leaning nation.


  3. I think I can sum up: Georgia has a lot of Nice White People. I think South Africa suffers the same syndrome.


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