Winning: National Defense, NDAA 2017

While the entire news media was preoccupied with hating Trump, the Trump administration and Republican-led Congress passed without fanfare the 2017 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).  Here are a few highlights:

  1. Reduce the staff of the National Security Counsel from 400 to 150.
  2. Reduce the Number of Generals and Admirals by 25 %, including the number of 4-stars from 41 to 27.  In the past 30 years, the armed forces have shrunk by 38 % but the number of generals has grown by 65%.
  3. Reduction by 25% the number of SES civilians (Senior Executive Service:  Generals in suits).
  4. A cap in the amount of money DoD can spend on Contractors performing staff work.
  5. Reforming the entire military health system.
  6. Adding women to the Selective Service registration law AND establishes a commission to investigate and report if we even still need SS at all.

And a bunch of other stuff that you would expect. That giant sucking sound you have been hearing all year is the Swamp (TM) draining.


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