Just a few notes that are true no matter who wins.

  1. If you really can’t tell the difference between Republicans and Democrats, you shouldn’t be voting.  Just treat today as a normal day and do what you normally do.
  2. If you can’t make up your mind between communism, corruption and turning America into a Third world country or self serving bureaucrats who just want to turn the crank on the government to keep the machine moving, you can’t go wrong by voting against the incumbent.  If you are honestly doing this though, then you will be doing it every election no matter which party is the incumbent.
  3. If you are still voting third party, you are an idiot.  There are no third parties.  The Libertarian party is a bought and paid sock puppet for the Democrat party that they use to split off a vote or two in close races. Clue:  If your third party is in a race he doesn’t have a chance of winning, then why is he still running?
  4. There is no such thing as a “moderate Democrat”.  Every one of them voted YES on Obamacare.  Every one of them but one voted against Judge Kavanaugh even though he had the highest recommendation the ABA could give.  You can depend that every Democrat office holder, if they are in the majority, will vote for Nancy Pelosi to be speaker of the house and then that chamber will be bogged down in punishing political enemies for the next 2 years.
  5. If I were Trump and the Democrats win, I would just start vetoing everything.  Let the government shut down.  Demonstrate to the taxpayers that we really can get along just fine without VOA, and NPR.
  6. No matter who wins, the policy of the USA should be, no legislation between the election and the seating of new members.  People who have just been voted out of office should never be permitted to vote on legislation.  The people of their districts have already spoken a vote of no confidence.
  7. Lyft and Uber have announced that they are giving reduced fares to people who need to get to voting locations.  But only in “disadvantaged areas”.  That’s code for only in areas that are known to vote Democrat.  This is as clear an admission as they can get that their democratic party allegiance is more important to them than their loyalty to owners, drivers, customers, and stockholders.  If I were any of those people, I would want some redress for that.

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