Mystery wet stairs update

When last we visited the mystery stairs of wetness, we concluded that the stairs were wet because of moisture being transferred through the cinder block wall that was touching it.  I now know this is wrong.  I cut away parts of the stair to create a 1/2″ air gap.  The stairs are STILL wet.  The humidity in the basement is near 90% all the time.

New theory:  There is apparently some chemical contamination on some of the stairs that caused them to condense moisture from the air.

I finally got the HVAC running and in it’s new location in the basement, the main level and the basement both benefit from drying air conditioning.  between that and a dehumidifier, they are pulling a gallon of water and hour out of thin air.  I managed to lower the humidity to 50% (measured) and the stairs dried overnight.

There is no telling what chemical caused this.  I can’t tell if washing the stairs will fix it or if they need replacement.  But since full replacement is in the plan anyway, it is moot.


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7 Responses to Mystery wet stairs update

  1. Ame says:

    that is interesting … would have never thought of that, but then again, i haven’t lived in a high humidity climate in many years. i had originally thought it was seeping thru the walls in your first post, too.


  2. Heresolong says:

    So my wife theory has not been definitively disproved.


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