Decline and fall of America

As a fan or Vox’s site, I have been reading about his ideas on the nation state and the state we find ourselves in today.  I combine that with experiences from the local street fair this last weekend.  6 blocks of Constitution avenue were blocked on Sunday for Mexicans living in DC to celebrate being Mexican.  It was like walking through a third world country.  I was surrounded by 95% Mexicans and 2% blacks and 3% “other”.  That is the future. And it is coming faster than you can imagine.

  1. Our nation was founded by White Christian Men from England.  They established this nation for themselves and their posterity.  Then their posterity gave it away to others.  It is gone.  It isn’t coming back.
  2. Even if the surviving remnant of “posterity ” today were to take it back by force, there just aren’t enough of them left to occupy such a nation.
  3. They can’t even occupy an enclave, because of the fair housing act.  They universally believe it is immoral (and illegal) to exclude anyone from their own neighborhoods.  So, by extension, it is double-plus ungood to exclude foreign invaders from their “nation”.
  4. Since the progeny of White male Christian men can’t be bothered to even have children to claim their inheritance, the issue is moot.  This land will be peopled, but it will be peopled by those who care enough about the future to send an investment in the future… their own children and grandchildren.  White people are dying out because they can’t be bothered to reproduce.  Fine.  Good riddance.
  5. So, the nation that “we” should fight to preserve is inevitably going to pass to foreigners.  Likely Mexicans and Central Americans, ruled over by a high middle class of Mandarin Chinese, and an executive class of White and Black liberals.
  6. The people who should be really pissed about this are Black Americans.  They didn’t mismanage the country and let the others in and their “inheritance” will be to live as permanent minority in a country ruled by people who don’t give a rat’s ass about civil rights or their history as slaves.  Black Americans have no idea that they are living in the golden age.  Things will never be as good for them again.
  7. As a member of the defense establishment, I often hear those hallowed words “duty, Honor, Country”.  And I weep (internal manly weeping, not external sissy weeping) when I recognize that people who are NOT my nation expect me and people like me to sacrifice our lives for undefinable public goods like “duty” and “honor” and for the sake of a “Country” that is no longer recognizably mine.  I weep for all those men who fought for America, only to lose it in their own lifetime. I weep for all those who fought communism only to watch as Americans voted to elect communist leaders to rule them.  In the great history of things, the defense of America has proven to be among the most futile of hopeless endeavors.  We would have been better off letting the King keep it.  We would have been better off letting the king take it back in 1812.  We would have been better off letting the North and South amicably divide in 1865.  We would have been better off sitting out all of WW1 and WW2.  We would have been better off letting the communists have Africa, Korea, Vietnam, Central America, and Europe.  All of them would have gotten over it by now and been “cured”.
  8. The new majority would never permit “Balkanization” because the productivity of the White segments are needed to fund the greed of the black, Hispanic, and African populations.  So Whites will never be allowed to segregate themselves.  The non-whites will always look with envy on those who are more productive.

As I look at the children of immigrants dominating the public streets in our nation’s capital, I mentally think to them, “congratulations on your victory.  Take better care of this country than you did your last one”.


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2 Responses to Decline and fall of America

  1. blueinfantry says:

    “…Take better care of this country than you did your last one”. That pretty much sums it up.


  2. doomdigit says:

    Time to put our SEALS to good use.


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