More Notes on Kavanaugh Circus

Just a few more things to say on this subject:

  1.  There is no evidence.  None.  That is why 36 year old cases never get prosecuted. Ever.  So proving Kavanaugh was a sexual predator is impossible.
  2. There is no evidence.  None.  That is why 36 year old cases never get prosecuted.  Ever.  So proving Kavanugh is NOT a sexual predator is also impossible.  That is why sexual misconduct from years ago is the favorite unsupported charge by Democrats.  It is nearly impossible to prove innocence.  This is not a one-time thing.  It is a routine part of the Democratic party play book.  They did it to Trump. They did it to Justice Thomas. They did it to that judge in Alabama.  It is their fall-back last minute zinger that they can always depend on.
  3. So what was the point of this?  Circus.  It’s all about using the business of government to influence the electorate prior to an election.
  4. When Ford can send a letter to her congressperson and Senator and those high ranking elected officials GET those letters on the same day.  You can guarantee those letters were not sent through regular post.  They were hand carried by people who had personal access to the Congressperson and Senator.  That is to say, Democratic party activists.  The activist must have also been personally known to Ford or she wouldn’t have had access.  I can guarantee you that if I sent a letter to my Senator with detailed evidence of some crime committed by Hillary Clinton or a democratic politician, the letter would never get to the Senator.  An office staffer would open it, scan it to see the subject and fire off a form letter thanking me for my interest in government transparency and anti-corruption and that Senator XXX has made a long career in fighting corruption at every level.  Then it would go into the trash can.
  5. When the accusation is made public in the media before in the trusted correct and confidential channels, it’s a red flag that this was all just politics.
  6. The Democrats could have just unanimously voted “no” without trying to destroy Kavanaugh, his family or his good name.  It would have had exactly the same effect.
  7. I would like to see what was on Ford’s Facebook page, before she deleted it.  If she didn’t think it was relevant, she wouldn’t have purged it.
  8. Human memory is a complex and wonderful thing.  Modern Psychologists understand now that as many as 40% of people have false memories.  These are things they believe are real, but cannot possibly be real.  So why does Ford get a free pass to ignore that essential truth?  My dad is in mid Alzheimer’s now.  He believes that things he saw on TV years ago are memories of his own life.  No one believes his ridiculous stories about paroling the Mexican border looking for bandits or having shootouts on the dusty main street with bad guys.  Why do people think Ford is “credible” when she makes her unsupported claim?
  9. Women are particularly prone to fabricated memories.  People who are on psychiatric meds are particularly prone to suggestion.  We already know that Dr Ford has led a “troubled” life including paranoia and dementia.  In any sort of criminal proceedings, she would not be considered a credible witness.  Why was none of this raised in the press?  Why don’t we know what meds she was on for the past year?
  10. The other two women are obvious “me too” people just glomming on, just like they did with Trump accusers and Cosby accusers.  Whenever a bus has a traffic accident on the street, you will always find people getting onto the bus to claim they wee injured.  There is a small percentage of people who are psychologically predisposed to writing themselves into the story to gain fame, notoriety, attention or even money.  It happens.  In a country as large as ours, it happens a lot.  Every celebrity knows this.  Every politician knows this.  That is why they practice being polite to strangers and letting their security people act as a buffer.
  11. Ford never received any death threats.  She was complaining about death threats even before anyone knew who she was.  The local police in her home jurisdiction should investigate this.  If she lied about it, it is proof that she is not credible, just attention-seeking.  If she did receive death threats, why don’t we know who they came from and what form they took?  it seems relevant.
  12. I want to see a report on the validity of the lie detector test she took.  If it was farce, it is relevant.  All we here is that she took one and that she aced it.  and we have only the word of a nameless Democratic party activist for that.

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