Arts and Crafts: Project house update

Another long weekend shot to heck with home modifications.

  1.  The HVAC evaporator has been successfully moved from the attic to the basement.  The refrigerant lines have been moved and re-brazed back into place.  The oil in the compressor has been replaced.  New thermostat and wires installed.  System pressure tested for leaks.  Line dryer installed. System vacuum checked for more leaks and held under vacuum for several days to get as much residual moisture out of it as possible. All new 240 volt power lines run to both evaporator and condenser.  Condenser has been moved to the other side of the house.  It’s REALLY heavy.  Good thing I’m spry, and persistent.  Duct work is reconnected using flexi-duct.  Eventually, the ducts will all move to the basement as part of that remodel.
  2. Next week, if the system vacuum is still holding, then I will add in the new gas, R-407c instead of the obsolete R-22.  Otherwise I will do more detailed leak checking.
  3. In the mean time… the outdoor temperature has dropped to the point where I no longer need air conditioning.  And still too early to need heat.
  4. I now have a pet.  Beside the deer, fox, hundreds of spiders and mice.  A small kitten has moved into my shed and decided it meets his immediate needs.  I haven’t decided if I am going to formalize the relationship.   I don’t spend much time there, normally just 3 nights per week.
  5. Next on the list:  create the mud room.  New laundry hookups, utility sink, cabinets, etc.  This has moved up on the project list instead of finishing the basement in order to ease some of the foul smell in the house.  I suspect the smell is coming from the remains of the kitchen that hasn’t already been removed.  It still has a few remaining cabinets so that I could use the sink as a utility sink.  i attribute the smell to years of accumulated filth in the cabinets, combined with the decay of cheap cabinet wood pulp and formaldehyde.
  6. It is also time to contact the deck contractor and get some estimates.

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3 Responses to Arts and Crafts: Project house update

  1. Heresolong says:

    If you decide to let the kitten stick around, live trap him, take him to the vet, get him shots and spayed/neutered. He will be healthier and he won’t be siring thousands of bastard children.


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