Current Events: Kavanaugh Circus

I am so tired of this sideshow.  Just vote and get it over with.  If the Republicans cannot get this “Boy Scout” onto the court, then the Democrats are declaring that they “own” the Supreme court and Republicans shouldn’t even try to get anyone appointed to it.

  1.  There is no reason for the claims of this woman from 35 years ago to be taken seriously.  NONE.  It is a non-provable claim with no evidence, no witnesses and no consequences.  it doesn’t matter if it is true or not so there is no reason to waste any time on giving the claim a “fair hearing”.
  2. If I hear one more radio commentator telling me how “real women who have been molested behave” I am taking a hostage.  Real women who have been molested run the full spectrum of emotions and reactions from shrugging it off to full mental collapse.  There is no “typical” for such cases.  The fact that some women remember every detail does not invalidate the claims of a woman who forgot everything.
  3. To put things into perspective, the accuser wasn’t raped, molested, or sexually assaulted.  By her own claim, he tried to remove her swimsuit, failed, and left.  Only in the most twisted definition of feminist lawyers does this rise to the level of an “assault”.
  4. The congress does not need to put on a show trial for the sake of validating the claims of the accuser.  It is a 36 year old accusation with no evidence or witnesses.  The proper conclusion is, “this claim is unsupported”.  That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or that it didn’t happen exactly the way she claims.  It does mean that it doesn’t matter.  It is a false dichotomy to cast this as a he-said-she-said event and forcing everyone to pick a side.  The proper side for anyone with an IQ above 75 is “I don’t know and I don’t care”.
  5. Republicans need to grow a spine and stop this circus.  Not every accuser “Needs to be heard”.  In a country of 350 million people, there will always be at least several hundred who are willing to commit crimes (like perjury) in order to get an agreeable political outcome.  For example, look at the lies told by every Democratic candidate and office holder.  Look at Code Pink who mysteriously disappears for 8 years while Obama is president then remembers that they are anti-war after Trump gets elected.  Look at AntiFa and Black Lives Matter and the mayhem they are willing to cause just to stir things up.
  6. Modern psychology, such as it is, clearly understands now the concept of false memories and that they are VERY common.  The older the memory is, the less anyone should trust it.  It doesn’t mean that all old unpleasant memories are invalid or that the accuser in this case has invalid memories.  Hint:  If you need a therapist to help you remember an old memory that coincidentally helps you establish yourself as a victim so you can blame something that happened 35 years ago for why you are a bitch and people don’t like being around you, then your “memory” is likely not valid.

Bottom line:  I don’t care.  The Democrats don’t care.  The Republicans don’t care.  This isn’t about Kavanaugh or the accuser’s credibility.  It has nothing to do with changing the minds of committee members.  It is about delaying the process until after the election and beyond, hoping that the outrage over this will stir up voters and if the Democrats take the Senate, there will be no more Republicans seated in any court.  Republicans in Congress had better start caring.  If they don’t have the stomach for being in the majority, they should go home.

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1 Response to Current Events: Kavanaugh Circus

  1. GomeznSA says:

    I pretty much agree with your commentary. I will point out regarding #4 though that she can’t even get her story straight. You are correct, it doesn’t matter. Period. We need to get on with the business of running the Republic, confirming a SCOTUS nominee is a large part of that process.


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