Arts and crafts: mysterious wet stairs.

These stairs are wet.

Originally, there was a leaky water heater and I thought that was the source. Fixed the water heater but stairs are still wet. Then suspected leaky toilet wax ring from upper floor but as I peeled away all the wood surrounding the stairs, they are STILL wet and nothing above below or beside them is wet.

I figured it out. Any of you want to play along at home? Put your guesses in the comments.


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7 Responses to Arts and crafts: mysterious wet stairs.

  1. Heresolong says:

    Your wife is messing with your head by sneaking down at night with a pitcher of water?


  2. Derick Geisendorfer says:

    Walls are sweating and running across the stairs


  3. JN says:

    Condensation. Need a thermal break between the wall and the stairs.


    • No One says:

      Almost. A good guess. You noticed clearly that the fully insulated basement has no insulation between the stair wood and the wall. In this case the cinder block wall is acting as a transport layer for water from outside. The normal heavy paint that served to waterproof the basement has worn through where the stairs have lightly rubbed on it for 30+ years of use.


    • No One says:

      The project for the future includes moving the stairs so this isn’t going to be a problem.


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