Daily outrage

I am amazed how democrats come to work every day with a fresh level of total outrage about Trump.

Trump held a two hour private conversation with Vladimir Putin. Then they hosted a joint press conference. This was followed by cries of “treason” and other such nonsense. It’s not like Trump gave Putin a pallet of cash (that was Obama and Iran). Or it’s not like Trump accepted a pallet of cash from Putin (that was Hillary). It was just 2 world leaders having a chat. It’s called diplomacy. It is a constitutional role of the President of the United States.

Liberals in both parties are loosing their minds over this.

1. Russia is not America’s enemy. The Soviets were. The Soviets were our enemies because they were communists. They totally interfered in American institutions and seeded their communism everywhere, even as it failed everywhere else in the world. Now, there are more ardent communists in the USA than there are in Russia.

2. Communists are still the enemies of America and Americans… and they live among us.

3. Ms-13 does more harm to America than Russia does.

4. The Krips do more harm to America than the Russians do.

5. Immigrants do more harm to America than Russians do.

6. Russia and Russians did far more to support the Hillary for President campaign than they did for Trump, and Trump won anyway.

7. Hillary has received billions from foreign sources funneled through her foundation. It should have been called money laundering or bribery. But Hillary is above the law. The left never cared about foreign influence before.

8. The nearly 30 million illegal immigrants in the USA account for a huge skew in the electoral college and congressional representation, even if they don’t vote. That is real, measurable, foreign influence in not just our elections but also in our legislature and local politics. And Democrats never cared before. But now. We are all supposed to be outraged by their creative writing about Trump-Russia “collusion” to defeat Hillary.

And they wonder why Trump’s support remains strong. Trump’s supporters don’t care about anything in the Democrat party controlled media. We know it’s all lies and propaganda.


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3 Responses to Daily outrage

  1. Cecil Henry says:

    And they weren’t alone.

    There were translators and support staff as well.

    Or do they think the translators were shot after the conversation??

    Unfortunately, there is precedent for that too.


  2. Heresolong says:

    I doubt that the Russians (read Putin) wanted Hillary to be president, after she, as Sec State, actively and openly supported his opponents during the Russian elections (wait, isn’t that the exact same thing the left is whining about regarding Russia’s meddling?). We know that the Russians spent money putting stuff on Facebook and other social media. We know that they released the DNC emails through their wholly owned subsidiary Wikileaks. None of which required any level of coordination with PDT.

    I would also suggest that in spite of the Soviet Union having collapsed, Russia is more of a threat to our interests than you suggest. They (read Putin) want to be a world power. They want influence. Putin has referred to the collapse of the USSR as the greatest tragedy of the twentieth century. They will work against us when they can. Doesn’t mean, of course, that we shouldn’t attempt to have good relations, just that we shouldn’t assume that we have common goals.


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