Trumpslide 2020

I have normally been unsuccessful picking who would win presidential elections. This is because both parties would always select two people without much difference. So the outcome was moot. The Republican party was particularly adept in running people that Republicans couldn’t care less about. They even tried to run another Bush again against another Clinton. Pathetic.

I predicted years ago that immigration was the pivotal issue facing our country and that any candidate who carried it would win big, unless he talked amnesty and a comprehensive solution. Trump was the only candidate who did that.

Guess what the Democrats are doing now? They are actually running on more immigration. Of course, none of their candidates are. Democratic candidates actually want to win, Co their message is all, “be nice, not like Trump”.

From my reading of various blogs and news comments, the anti-immigration tone is stronger than ever and again, only one candidate is leading on the issue. Trump.

Despite wall to wall anti-Trump news 24 hours a day, every day, on every network, Internet news, and major newspaper, Trump is still winning.

If he has that much strength at this point in his administration, against all that spin, there is no doubt he will win yugely in 2020.

1. The media has beclowned themselves. They are no longer trusted by Americans to print anything more important than crossword puzzles. So they have undercut their own influence for a very long time. They really could get evidence that Trump was literally Hitler, and no one would care. It wouldn’t change the vote one bit.

2. Trump’s supporters are behind him more strongly than 2 years ago. He is actually doing what he said he would. Something rare for presidents. His supporters had been stabbed in the back so often by candidates, they fully expected it to happen again. But it hasn’t.

3. At this point, all you see leading the charge against Trump are paid activists. In the end, this doesn’t create more voters. Pro-immigrant Activists only help solidify the Trump base. I believe these activists are out churning up the anger just to accomplish fundraising for the lean years ahead. I believe the democratic party professionals know they can’t win, no matter who they run. So they will run another outlier like Obama and hope for the best. But the fundraising will keep the activist groups fed and their CEOs comfortable.


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