Influence Circles


Influence cicles

In our society we have all become quite polarized and every opinion on ever topic becomes fighting words.  You may all be wondering how I cope with it.  The diagram above illustrates it.  I am at the center.  draw circles around the center.  As you go further out from the center, the things you see have less importance to reality as you experience it.  Too many people living today cannot do this simple mind exercise.  To them, EVERYTHING is seriously important to them personally.  So they have to defend it as if their life depends on it.

In the illustration, I have placed global warming out on the periphery with the theory of evolution.  That is because it doesn’t matter to me in the least bit if I am wrong about either of them.  The outcome is the same if I believe them with all my heart or if I reject them entirely.  No difference.  On the other hand, How much I pay for electricity every month matters to me EVERY month.  And because I can think ahead, it matters to me that every time I pay an artificially high electric bill, to pay an arbitrary tax for something like carbon taxes or a Social Justice offset, my personal future is harmed. I am being harmed in the real world for a reason I see as a fiction in a world that doesn’t harm me.

I look at everything this way.  Even politics.  It doesn’t matter to me what Trump tweeted yesterday.  Trump and everything he does is out there in the outer circle.  I have zero personal interaction with him.  Zero.  He isn’t my friend and he doesn’t seem to be trying to harm me.  So I can’t possibly care if he is literally grabbing lady parts or only talking about it ten years ago.  It isn’t relevant to me.  Pretty much nothing the news or internet tells me is relevant to me.  No matter how much they try to tell me that some disaster is about to happen or how much I should be outraged, in the real world, the one I live in, none of those things matter.

I don’t care about volcanoes because I don’t live near any.

I don’t care about that whole social-sexual hierarchy because it isn’t how I choose to live my life.  I am who I am and it doesn’t matter to me which category other people put me in, I will always use what I have to get my best benefit and improve my condition, in the real world.

Twitter, facebooks, picturegram and the other social media all convey the message that everything is important.  But it isn’t.  Not even a little bit.  And those media products teach younger people to be heavily invested in whatever stranger tell them is the truth and not what they themselves can see, feel and experience.

I don’t really care about NASA telling me about how they discovered traces of erosion on Mars that could only have come from water, so Mars must be inhabitable.  I do care that they want to spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year of my money to investigate it.  This is a hobby.  It should be paid for by rich people who can afford to indulge their hobbies.  Out nation is in debt and we cannot afford such extravagances.  I am not willing to pay those few extra dollars each year for that hobby.  Scientific curiosity  is not a part of my reality.  Taxes is.

Thus, it is really easy for me to accept that the news media is lying to me every day, and I don’t care.  They aren’t my reality.  Nothing they say is interesting to me or has any utility to me. They made themselves this way.  They used to be near the second ring.  But as their message pushed harder and harder into political propaganda, they lost my interest.  My life isn’t going to be long enough for them to earn it back.  They are written off forever.


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