New patterns in internet “news”.

I have recognized a new pattern that seems to be taking over on media news everywhere.  They all seem to be using the same application to create “content”.  The content is hosted  as if it is video, but it is really a series of stills, with text imposed.  Further, the text has colored highlights.

Here it is in a Drudge post.


Here it is again from Huffington Post.

Example 3 huffpo

And here it is from the AP.

Example 2

All different unrelated stories, and unrelated “news agencies”.

My guess is that the news agencies feel compelled to use video because that is what the public demands, but they are unwilling to put the effort into creating video.  These content creations contain very little information for the investment of tie to view them. Just enough information to fill a bumper sticker propaganda media, but not enough to inform.  Just the latest version of click-bait.  It just annoys me that they are all using the same media editing app.  No creativity.  No originality.  they all have the same look and feel of being produced all in the same classroom of a high school journalism class, after the teacher discovered a new app and decided everyone should use it.


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