More common sense gun control that everyone can agree on.

The rabid anti-intellectual left is demanding civil disarmament, but not disarming police, a million Federal agents of one sort or another, or private security guards.

The reasonable law abiding right says, “come and take it”.

People!  There is a solution that will satisfy everyone.  The two-state solution that is so popular with rabid leftists for other problems will work just fine here too.

If you advocate for gun control of any sort or vote for candidates who do, you don’t get to have guns of any sort.  Further, if you need police, you get the kind that got hired because of lower standards to increase diversity goals, and they won’t have a gun because they also voted for disarmament.

If you voted for freedom, liberty, the American way and based on a deep understanding of history, you get to keep your guns.  Further, if you don’t have a gun, you can go to the police station and get one for free from the bin of all the guns the leftists voluntarily turned in.  The excess will be sold at auction.  But I am sue there will be plenty to go around because leftists would totally comply with gun laws.

Everyone wins.  Leftists get to be disarmed and the Right gets to keep theirs.

We have to actually give the Left some credit here for being right.  They understand how other Leftists think and they know that they can’t be trusted with guns.  We should take them at their word and help them help themselves help us.


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