How to stop Mass school shootings

Close mass schools.

It really is that simple.  The schools themselves create the little psychopaths that then return to school to kill their classmates.  Close the schools and eliminate this possibility 100%.  It is the only possible solution that will be 100% effective.  If you want to save kids lives, this will absolutely work.

Close them all.  No administrators.  No School boards. No grief counselors. No bunkering mentality. No “resource officers”.  No bond issues to build new schools every 5 years. No Brown versus Board of Education. No Separate but Equal. No bussing. No forced integration. No segregation.  No children being forced into failing schools.  No randomly drawn district lines. No school busses.  No after-Prom teen pregnancy. No Football programs that maim children.  No children dying in traffic to get to school and after school programs.  No teachers unions.

Teachers will still have jobs.  The demand for private tutors will blossom and those teachers who are good at teaching kids will thrive.  Failing teachers who have been riding the system will have to find a new host to leach off of.  Without the cost of all the overhead, the teachers themselves will find they get paid more.  A lot more.

Generally 60% of state and local taxes go to support public schools.   This money could be returned to the taxpayers.  (or some small amount used to do all those other things municipalities whine about).

The property can be turned into public parks.  The buildings turned into municipal gyms, pools, sports fields, operated by the parks departments.  The classrooms and cafeterias can be repurposed into homeless shelters, homeless kitchens, and municipal offices (instead of building office facilities).

Of course this will never happen.  The advocates for gun control aren’t interested in a solution that will totally work.  They are only interested in advancing the progressive/communist agenda.  Disarmament is part of that agenda.  Of course, not total disarmament.  The aristocracy and the police who protect them (including private security) will still have guns.  My solution will work without advancing the communist agenda.  In fact, it will roll back previous gains, notably the total infiltration of public education by communists and their modern avatars light-socialists, environmentalists, global warming fanatics, militant atheists, and LGBTEIOs.

America has  too much invested into public education.  It is inconceivable to too many people that we could ever shut it down and try something different.  It is the consequence of momentum. Bureaucratic inertia that just keeps going.  And you kill a few kids every year as the price of that “progress”.  It’s always someone else’s kids, so it is an acceptable loss.  Did I say a few?  I meant a few thousand.  That is the real cost of blood that pours from our current school system.  It’s not just the occasional highly publicized school shooting in white neighborhoods.  There are killings of children in black neighborhoods every month.  No one cares about them.

It has nothing to do with the guns.  Even if America adopted the Australian solution or the British solution, there would still be the occasional shooting.  There would still be guns and the little psychopaths would find them.  Or they could make a bomb.  Worst case, they could make their own guns.  Gun making is 12th century technology.  Any 7th grade metal shop has the tools to crank them out.  You can buy the materials you need at any Home Depot.  A clever kid could make his own guns in his home garage.

The psychopaths exist.  There are likely at least ten in every public school.  The real marvel about school shootings is that we don’t have one every week.  There are plenty of psychopaths who have grievances (real or imagined) against their fellow students.  There are plenty of weapons available (legal, illegal, and improvised).  The little psychopaths have all learned that they can get the attention they crave by murdering their classmates.  This will happen again. No hardening of the target will be enough to stop it.  Arming teachers won’t stop it.  More police won’t stop it.  Making guns illegal won’t stop it.

The only thing that will stop it is eliminating the targets.  Close the schools and you change the dynamics of the situation.  No targets = no deaths.  A totally predictable 100% effective solution.  But Anti-gun advocates don’t really want a solution.  They want a disarmed middle class that cannot rebel against what the elites think is good for us.



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3 Responses to How to stop Mass school shootings

  1. Ame says:

    And take away all that”free” childcare so mom’s can have their careers, too?!


  2. Close the schools. Clearly “free public education” has barely worked. The internet has revealed a nation of illiterates, and Mark Dice has revealed a nation of know nothings. Mandatory education was a reasonably good idea at the start of the American experiment, but it is now outmoded and a burden like the Post Office. Scrap `em both.


    • No One says:

      Agreed. You can still have mandatory public education without public schools. Ala obamacare, just mandate that parents do it and leave it up to them to figure out how.


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