Solving the problem with Arabs in Gaza

This has been a problem for decades with no indication of anything getting any better.

America dumps billions of US Taxpayer dollars there every year in multiple humanitarian programs. Most of it gets siphoned off to support UN bureaucrats and Hamas leaders. So… let’s try something new.

Give no money to anyone for anything in Gaza. Nothing.

Open a series of clinics and food kitchens that hand out food and medicines for free in small doses and quantities to meet those immediate humanitarian needs, but not enough for anyone to sell for cash.

Spike the food and medicine with a chemical that causes sterility in humans. This might need to be invented. There is no need to tell anyone about this. Sure, it’s clearly a violation of international law. But since international law is a farce in the absence of anyone willing to enforce it, I don’t see this as a serious impediment.

Poof! In 20 years, Gaza is seeing a shortage of workers instead of a surplus. In 40 years, they are dying of old age and have no one to carry on their murderous ways.

There are tons of uses for this. Every country likely has some generationally problem communities. The current solutions are always some form of “kill them all” or “learn to live with it”. and then another generation is born and takes up the mantle of troublesome community. And then another…

And it isn’t genocide. Any Gazans who buy their own food will keep having babies. And all those alive today won’t suffer any more harm than they already do from other causes.


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2 Responses to Solving the problem with Arabs in Gaza

  1. Ame says:

    most all food and meat in grocery stores in america is poisoned anyway … and we know about it … and they’re still getting away with it … and we’re still eating that food.

    probably even MdD’s šŸ˜‰


  2. No One says:

    Yes, but poisoned with chemicals that don’t do us any harm. So it’s hard to get upset about them.


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