Trolling for dollars

I’ve been spending a lot of time over at pirates cove lately.  But I’m done there.  They have a persistent troll.  Incessant name calling.  Real grade school level stuff.  I remember the Internet back when there was exchange of ideas and information.  Now it’s just monkeys throwing poop. 

And the paid media is no better.  Yahoo news, huffpo, Washington post, AP, CNN, even Fox news to an extent are all virulent anti-Trump.  Everything.  Every story.  It’s as if they have already started campaigning for 2020 with a candidate to be named later. 

Monkeys flinging poop.  

Why would they expect me to care what they have to say about anything when every story will have significant logical and factual errors in it?  Appeals to authority, ad homenim, non sequitur are the most common.  Then there is the everpresent “unnamed source”.  

48 hours later, the news papers are still battling Trump’s remark about shitholes, when he didn’t even say that.  Washington post counters, well (huff), here’s a Nigerian west point graduate who won the navy cross in afghanistan.  Is he a shithole?  Completely igboring that importing 20 thousand Africans to drive Uber just hoping to get one navy cross winner is a bad deal.  But the point of this story is how slanted and disingenuous the press is.  They know they are pushing an agenda and they know they are deliberately shaping information to push that agenda. 



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