Normal Event Happens. Libs Lose their Shit

It was just another normal event, the sort that happens every year, several times per year.  The US Congress passed a bill deciding how they would spend trillions of dollars.  The changes from this year from last year aren’t even that significant.  Almost everything that got funded last year will be funded again this year.  Some trimming here and there, but mostly all still there.

What is there to argue about?  Why are the liberals losing their minds about this?

They complain about the deficit being 1 Trillion … over the next ten years.   They never complained about Obama adding over a trillion EVERY year.

They complain that people will die.  People ALWAYS die.  And here’s a clue:  If you need a handout from the US Government to stay alive, you are probably going to die anyway.  But be realistic.  Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA are all still funded.

No more individual mandate.  The Liberals are complaining about the greatest return of individual freedom to the American people ever.  Sure, that makes the rest of Obamacare unsustainable.  But it always was.  Enslaving young healthy people to pay the medical bills of the chronically sick is NOT sustainable.  It makes them hate their government and the elderly.  It only takes a few years of that before the young start “helping” older and expensively sick people make “end of life choices”.

Government spending bills are a normal part of the government process.  This is nothing to get upset about.  If you really hate it, vote for someone else next time.  Oh, but then you already did.  And your candidate lost.  Not just for President, but for the majority of the House and Senate.  That’s the way this thing works.  You should remember.  That’s how you used a slender and fading majority to stuff Obamacare down the throats of 70% of America that DID NOT WANT IT.

And that voter fraud trick isn’t going to work everywhere, so don’t count on that trick to keep bailing you out.

Grow up, liberals.  Is that asking too much?


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5 Responses to Normal Event Happens. Libs Lose their Shit

  1. Ame says:

    Grow up, liberals. Is that asking too much?

    ummm … you mean accept that one can’t always have what they want how they want it when they want it?

    yeah … that’s asking too much.


  2. But….that’s how insurance works though. I have insurance through my employer, and as a “healthy” individual who has no medical bills, I am helping to pay for someone who isn’t so fortunate. That’s how insurance works.


    • No One says:

      No. That not how insurance works. That’s how socialism works. Insurance spreads risk among a pool of willing participants. And each person pays according to his risk. Obama care forces healthy people to pay the known costs of chronically sick. That isn’t risk. That is getting someone else to pay their bills.


      • oh right, cause once someone has an illness, screw ’em, right?


      • No One says:

        Grow up. There are charities for people who can’t afford what they need. Charities = voluntary support of the sick. We were discussing the definition of insurance, not the moral value of caring for the sick. If you are happy paying for sick people, you can do as much of that as you like, with your own money. That’s called freedom.


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