Dear Apple

You suck!

I have the entire collection of Dr who that I bought from you for full price and downloaded to my device.  I did that intentionally so I could watch them when I’m NOT plugged into the cloud.  Like, for example, when I’m away from my Internet enabled home country and in an isolated place.  So, what happens when I try to play it?  

“Try again when your Internet connection is working”.

This is exactly what I don’t want in my devices.  I paid for my content so I could carry it with me.  Now I can’t watch it.  And half my content has that silly cloud symbol next to it, when I know for certain it is on my hard drive.  

The apple devices previously did not do this cloud trap crap.  You bait and switched me to a service I do not want.  Put it back the way it was or refund my ten years of content so I can buy it from somewhere else.

Excuse me while I go learn some more words to describe how I feel about them right now. 


About No One

I am totally non-threatening
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