Snake oil doing well

No.  Not another feature on the billion dollar a year sales in “dietary supplements”, diet pills, or Eastern “medicine”.

I found this in a travel mag of a reputable global airline:

For $60 you can buy this thing that is essentially a printed sticker.  It claims to reflect harmful energies.  But based on its placement, it seems it would reflect them back into the head, not away from it.  But the company has no fear of being sued for an ineffective or potentially harmful product because they already know it doesn’t do anything at all.  But that doesn’t inhibit their consciences from selling them at a steep markup.  Stupid people will buy literally anything and there are a LOT of stupid people out there.

I especially like how it doesn’t effect signal strength while blocking radiation.  Someone doesn’t understand that signal IS radiation.  

What this item really does is mark users as people who are too stupid to own a cell phone.  Think of it as a bull’s eye for other grifters and frauds.


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