Harvey Weinstein 

I don’t care about this.  As others have pointed out, everyone knew.  You know who else knew?  All the “victims”.  They all knew and said nothing.  They didn’t do it because they feared being fired.  They willingly traded the only thing they had of value for a chance to be rich and famous.  As a songwriter once said, “the devil comes in a pleasing form”, but sometimes he looks like Harvey.  They ALL willingly took that deal.  So, it’s hard for me to muster much sympathy for them.  

The truth is, there is a surplus of pretty young women flooding Hollywood every year.  It doesn’t take any talent to act.  If you practiced it a few time in a hs drama club, you have the skills.  CHILDREN DO IT.  They have nothing to trade to set themselves apart from all the others who will do ANYTHING to get their big break into movies.  Nothing except sex.  

Harvey made them a deal and he paid off his part (as far as we know).  Now his “victims” come forward after they have collected the benefits.  If he played by the Spirit of anti harassment laws and codes, none of those women would be where they are today.  Fat, ugly women would have stared in all your favorite movies since fat ugly women in HR would have hired them.  

The Hollywood goose that lays golden eggs is that movies star attractive women.  Hiring attractive women is discrimination.  Go ahead and follow that trail of breadcrumbs to its logical comclusion.  

What should have happened:  every single “Victim” should have stormed out of his office without taking his deal.  Everyone.  Then he couldn’t make movies because no one would work for him.  The truth is, everyone knew about this and everyone was fine with it.  So tell me again why I am supposed to care.

The parents of Michael Jackson’s “victims” willingly sent their kids to his house for sleepovers.  What would you expect if you sent your kids to sleep with a 40 year old man?


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