Notes on Las Vegas shooting

We learn again the same lessons as always.

1.  First reports in the media are always wrong.  Generally, they don’t get a good picture of the truth out for 48 hours.

2.  Killing people is easy.  Frightfully so.  The only reason this doesn’t happen more often is that most people aren’t psychopaths.

3.  Not likely ISIS related.  Even if he said Allah Akbar.  You wouldn’t know it from the National media, with their anti-Trump fixation 24-7, but ISIS is getting their asses handed to them in Iraq and Syria.  They are desperate for a win anywhere to look relevant.  They are losing.  They will take credit for anything that gets them back in the news.  They are liars.  We know that.  Why would you take their word about anything?

4.  Hillary, the loser in the last national election, was out attention whoring again and said something stupid about silencers.  Silencers are 100 year old technology.  She is more desperate for a win than ISIS at this point.  A 7th grader with access to a home Depot can make one using no tools.  They have no moving parts or electronics.  If this guy wanted a silencer, there was NOTHING stopping him now from getting one.

5.  When the dust settles, we will find out that this guy is a leftist.  He hates Trump and he hates Trump voters.  And he connected the dots that anyone who likes country music is “one of them”.  It’s always a leftist.  They are the ones who resort to violence first.  They are the ones who cannot abide peacefully with anyone who disagrees with them.    If you read their Twits and Facebook you see seething hatred.  That kind of hatred doesn’t just go away after a bowl of ice cream.  People like that will resort to violence.  History shows us that they always do.


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