About communists in the military

Where have you people been hiding for the last 50 years?  

Is it really any secret that the US military is the most tyrannical and communist form of employment in the USA?  The US military teaches it’s leaders that they are responsible for their subordinates 24/7 on and off duty.  They teach that they are required to provide their food, shelter, health care, dental, child care, schools for their children, ad naseum.  It is the perfect little socialist state with the social aristocracy (officers) in charge of everything.  It NEVER occurs to a general, when given a challenge to say, “not my problem”. 

And all you People lose your mud because one ONE single West Point graduate is openly a communist?  Has it occurred to you that 100% of the black cadets and officers voted for Barrack Obama … twice?  How much of a clue do you need?  Communists in the military is not a bug, it’s a feature.

I graduated from West Point in 1984.  That same exact copy of the communist manifesto is on my bookshelf.  It was an issued item and required reading for political science class, a required course.

Fact:  Most college students in America are either communist or can spout ten talking points that are indistinguishable from communist dogma.  

Fact:  West Point is just another college.  It draws students from the same well as the other top colleges and universities.

Fact:  Most male college students care more about getting laid this weekend than the fall of western civilization.


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2 Responses to About communists in the military

  1. Heresolong says:

    I think you are mis-interpreting the tenets of communism to argue that the military is communist. Communism is not defined as a top down organizational structure in which people volunteer to serve. There is no collective ownership by the members, there is no labor for the benefit of the members. The ownership is by the country, the labor provided by volunteers for the effective accomplishment of the mission. It is, however, an organizational system that allows an effective military response at the unit level, a must for effective war fighting.

    Doesn’t change your point about college students, but I would challenge the openly communist student as to his beliefs regarding the Constitution and the country. Communism as a philosophy is contradictory to the ideas of a free market republican system as laid out in our Constitution and I don’t see how he could simultaneously support both views. Therefore he should resign.


    • No One says:

      The constitution is a structure of national government, not a statement of political belief.
      The constitution does not require a free market. If it does, why don’t we have one?
      The best communism is the one where everyone volunteers to give their labor for the good of the mission. The us military is very good at telling people they should feel bad if they aren’t giving their all for the greater good. Just like communists.
      In the army, everything you need is provided by “the people”. It’s not your tank or your rifle. You are strictly forbidden from using your own arms.
      There is no left wing communist doctrine, no matter how absurd, that has not been gleefully embraced by the US military.


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