Don’t care


Weasley zippers top 18 out of 20 stories is about the NFL standing or not standing during the national anthem.  Why am I supposed to care about this?  

Did the wars in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan end?  Nope.  Americans are still doing that thing in the sandbox.

Did Texas and Florida get totally recovered after major storm damage?  Nope.

Are wild fires raging through the western states?  Yep.

Is the swamp still stagnant?  Yep. 

Is the wall built?  Nope. 

So…..   why is the reporting for a whole nation the size of 300+ million people totally focused on a game and the overpaid prima-Donnas who play it?


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One Response to Don’t care

  1. GomeznSA says:

    Ya missed one: was Puerto Rico essentially destroyed by Maria? Yep – and the corollary is that we the USofA will have to rebuild it (even though they owe us a whole bunch of money already).


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