Hey Cuba, F%*k you.

Where are your commie friends now?  Think you will get any help from us?  Fat chance. You see, cpaitalism creates wealth.  Socialism just redistribute it.  Communism steals it and crushes the desire to make more.  From wealth comes spinoff like charity, savings and rainy day funds.  Maybe your good friends the Venezuelans will throw you a bone… if they had one.  If only you had a huge, wealthy generous capitalist neighbor who could bail you out.  If only you and your commie friends hadn’t worked so hard to undermine the USA.  

This isn’t even karma.  It is the predictable consequences of your own action.  

Socialism is so popular in the USA for the same reason John Dillenger robbed banks… it’s where the money is.  Socialists are just thieves that we are forced to tolerate.


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One Response to Hey Cuba, F%*k you.

  1. Og says:

    Not just fuck you, but fuck you and drown like rats, you scumbags.


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