Dumb ideas: electricity

I saw this at the Indianapolis airport.

A device that let’s you recharge your devices by pedaling.  Look!!  Three charing stations. No waiting.

Why didn’t this catch on???  Maybe because there are already plenty of these:


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4 Responses to Dumb ideas: electricity

  1. Ame says:

    this may be a stupid question … but does your depth perception affect your ability to shoot? or have you just adapted so well you didn’t notice?


  2. Let’s see…what film was it that showed people having to pedal a bicycle-like device to have electricity? “Soylent Green”, I think it was.
    What’s the next thing that we can expect from that vision of the future? I guess that I’d better re-view that film to have an idea, so that I can prepare for it well in advance…


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