Why NETFLIX sucks

Netflix sucks.  Let me count the ways…

1.  Very little new content.  Their best stuff is DVD only. 

2.  They have a retarded bin system to categorize movies.  Thus, a single title can spam their website by being in multiple bins.  Anime does not also go in sci-fi and action and new arrivals and Foreign films.  

3.  “Trending” and “popular” bins?  Seriously?  How are those not synonyms?  

4.  Just because I watched the first 4 minutes of something does NOT mean I like it and want to watch more like it.

5.  No way to send these ideas to Netflix management so they can review my ideas and maybe fix a few things, because … customers.  Seriously.  It’s 2017.  Get an email account.  You make all your customers have them. 

6.  Foreign language films do not belong mixed in the bins with all the rest.  But if you really feel totally international then at least do me the courtesy of telling me what languages are available for that title.  I know you already have that info on hand.  Why are you keeping it a secret so I have to stream the first 5 minute of some samurai movie only to find I can’t understand their foreign gibber-jabber?

Shutting it off now.  It was OK for a while.  Just nothing worth watching on it any more.  Same with 95% of cable TV.  


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4 Responses to Why NETFLIX sucks

  1. Ame says:

    i’ve been considering cutting ours, too, for the same reasons.

    and … “Their best stuff is DVD only.” … every.freakin.time. i look up a movie, it’s dvd only – regardless of how old or what genre. grrrrrrr.


  2. Cecil Henry says:

    To each his own I suppose.

    If I can’t get it on YOutube or Vimeo or some other internet site then Its not worth it.

    I’m not paying for what I don’t want


  3. ray says:

    Netflix DVDs are outstanding. A cornucopia of fine films, most of them decades old. But still stand up as good, at a reasonable price. Allows the customer to avoid the mass of modern crud-films.

    Streaming Netflix sucks. Third-rate films and crappy, PC-saturated new-releases.


  4. Anonymous says:

    They are always taking off the good stuff and replacing it with crap, I don’t know how much longer I can pay for this crap.


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