Tactics for Punks

As I watch the tactics of current so called “Anti-fas” groups, I notice that they are wearing a uniform, all black clothing.  This makes them easy to distinguish from police and from counter-protesters.

A better tactic for the democratic party activists would be to bring those high visibility green vests, in the same shade as the local police use.  Then when they stir up trouble, cameras will be unable to tell if it is police or agitators doing the violence.

The counter-tactic that police need to be ready for is to have several colors of vests standing by to change rapidly, even if only locally.  Then they need to beat down everyone wearing the wrong color vest. This is an easy tactic, but it is only going to work once, if you do it right.  And it will only work if the police plan ahead.

That’s why I am writing this. (Hint)  (foot stomping).


About No One

I am totally non-threatening
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