Russian Hackers were really…

…The CIA.  Who could have seen that coming?

My thoughts:  Thank God.  Here I thought the CIA was corrupt AND incompetent.  At least they know how to run a basic false flag operation.

But since that is what everyone would expect, there is likely no point to them even trying, and since they studied in Asia, they would know this and clearly not put the powder in their own drink.

So, I am thinking they are obviously just pawns in someone else’s scheme.  At this point, I would say it is the Chinese.  They pretend to be Mossad, pretending to be CIA, pretending to be Russians. Meanwhile, everyone in the Intel community KNOWS who did it and are all having a good laugh.  Only American news media could possibly take this seriously.  As if the US government spying on you is evil instead of asking MI-6 to spy on you and then it is OK (yes, that IS OK).  Or as if people don’t intentionally buy commercial devices that listen to every word they say in their own homes and as if companies like Google don’t track every word of every person in the country.

Fact:  The idea of “spying” is an anachronism.  Information is easily had by almost everyone who wants it.  The only way to keep a secret is to never tell anyone else.

Fact2:  Anyone who still thinks they can have a private conversation is a moron.

Fact3:  The future looks like more of the same, not less.

Fact4: If you expect the government to defend your rights to privacy, after they have had 100 years of training you to report your own spending and charitable habits to them, you are delusional.

Fact5:  The CIA is likely every bit as incompetent as I suspected.   Example:  they have never successfully given accurate advanced warning of a foreign power detonating their first nuclear bomb.  They almost always say that “X country” is 2-3 years away from having a working bomb.

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2 Responses to Russian Hackers were really…

  1. Heresolong says:

    Government press release: We will shortly be passing a bill requiring each citizen to carry a device that constantly broadcasts his or her location and maintains copies of all electronic communications. We also will be piloting a program where you will post personal details of your life to a public server so that we can keep better track of what you do and think. All information will be broadcast on an unsecure wireless network, but please be advised that this is all for National Security and none of the information will be used for inappropriate purposes.

    Citizen: “Hell no, that’s a violation of my civil liberties”

    Verizon Rep: “want to buy this cool cell phone?”

    Five years later:
    GPR: As of January 1st all citizens will be required to wear a device which monitors their heartrate and general fitness levels and automatically broadcasts the information on an unsecure wireless network in order to ensure that the costs of health care are kept down.

    Citizen: “Hell no, that’s a violation of my civil liberties”

    Fitbit Rep: “want to buy this cool fitness tracker?”

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    • Ame says:

      that is so freaky scary.

      what’s also disconcerting to me is that when i mention this kind of stuff to my girls, they just shrug. they assume the govt knows everything; it’s their normal.


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