Trumpening Wire Taps

It was tweeted over the weekend that the President believes his phones were tapped in Trump tower by the US Government, back when it was the Obama administration.

I find the interesting thing in all this is that the Obama administration was operating as if they were above the law and they expected to stay above it even after Obama left office.  They expected they would have plenty of time to erase incriminating evidence and that either Bush or Hillary would continue to cover for them because that’s what they had learned to expect from civilized politicians.

Then Trump got elected.

Old immunities no longer count.  Old assurances are moot.  The way things are always done cannot be counted on any longer.

It remains to be seen if Trump will follow through on bringing people to justice.  He already has so much swamp on his plate to drain.  That is what underlings are for.

Personally, I do believe that the Trump wires were tapped by the US Government.  Marc Levin broke this story and he doesn’t do the whole conspiracy thing without lots of hard evidence in his corner.   Since I trust the source, I trust the message.

There is an equilibrium point at which mid-grade underlings will fear punishment for their past lives and look to cut their own deal with the new administration.  Once that happens, experience tells us that that there will be a flood of people trying to cut deals while they can, fearing to be the guy stuck holding with the potato when the music stops. There have been very few cartels in history that have stuck together when faced with this tactic.


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