Typical SJW Kaepernick

Some guy gets paid yuge money to play a game.  He is instantly replaceable by other people who would be willing to play for less.   But he is special, so he uses his national soapbox, that doesn’t belong to him, to make a political statement.

But that was last year.

Now that his contract is up, he is promising his new employers, whoever that might be, that he will stand during the national anthem and thus not make trouble for them in ratings.

Typical hypocrite.  Takes a moral stand by not standing when there is no risk to himself.  But when contract negotiations are on the horizon, suddenly he becomes a model of civility, decorum, patriotism and being a “team player”.

I hope that no one hires him.  I hear that his sport has lost a lot of money last year because of him.  Every team.  Every concession.  Every parking lot attendant.  Every restaurant near the stadiums.  He should pay back something as well.  His choice should cost him something on the order of what he cost everyone else.

It’s not like I care about football.  I do care about justice and people getting what is coming to them.  But since I am an adult, I know the world doesn’t work that way.

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1 Response to Typical SJW Kaepernick

  1. ray says:

    Hypocrite and grand-stander. He’s willing to set aside his ‘righteous ideals’ once the moolah negotiations are on. From Montana and Young to this guy, wow. I must have made God mad.


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