Fox and Friends WTF!

I had some extra time before work this morning.  So I thought I would flip on the TV and see what the latest thing I am supposed to be outraged about today is.  I tuned to Fox and Friends because they have better eye candy than the local stations.  The local stations (because DC is a chocolate city) has to go overboard and select black women.

So what do I see?

News of another executive order?  No.

News of a Panda being expelled from the country when his Visa expired?  No.

Fake news about connections to the Russians?  No

In fact, I saw no news at all.

Instead I saw the infobabes enthusiastically selling merchandise, just like on Home Shopping Network.   I was stunned.

I can’t seriously thing that the Fox News CEO really thinks this is a good business model.  I suspect what he is really doing is teaching future Kelly Megyn’s that they are not serious reporters or journalists of any sort.  They are there to read the copy, even if it is for an oil-less french fry cooker, and they better be convincing about how much they just love french fries.


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2 Responses to Fox and Friends WTF!

  1. Dana says:

    Actually, it happens a lot: there are obviously sponsored segments with the hosts, frequently out on the patio, showing off products, ostensibly as a feature, but they’re really just advertisements.


    • No One says:

      Obviously, I don’t watch enough TV. This hit me a a surprise. An offensive change from normal viewing that should result in several people being sacked for gross incompetence.


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