A Day without Immigrants

A little known or publicized action by activists is going on in DC and other locations today.  It is called a day without immigrants.  Immigrants are being encouraged to stay home to show “the rest of us” what the country looks like without them.


Morons!  You are showing us what we WANT.  But do this right.  Keep your kids homes from school too.  Don’t go to emergency rooms all day, wait until tomorrow.  Stop committing crimes all day.  The ones who are in prison will have additional challenges, but perhaps they can just sit peacefully in their cells and give the impression to management that they aren’t even there.

Here is the notice that I just got at my desk in the Pentagon.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We learned this morning that employees at several of our Pentagon food concessions were participating in the “Day Without Immigrants Strike”.    The news is reporting that Immigrants in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Austin, Texas, and other major U.S. cities plan to stay home today as part of a strike called “A Day Without Immigrants.”

Although this is fluid we believe the following Pentagon locations will be closed:


-Starbuck’s 2 (Wedge 1 Food Court)

– 3/4 Coffee Cart

-Taco Bell


-Burger King


This just went out at 11:30.  In other words, even here at the Pentagon, NO ONE NOTICED UNTIL LUNCH TIME.  The Guatemalan cleaning ladies are all here.  The above message seems to be trying to publicize a failing attempt to do community organizing within the Pentagon.

Dear Immigrants.  Fuck You.  If you don’t like it here, go home.  I absolutely can get along just fine without you.  Yes, I understand that 3 out of 4 McDonald’s in my area will close and the fourth will have to hire local blacks who will spit in my food.  It’s a small price to pay in exchange for all the other benefits to society.  I actually know how to make food and feed myself.

What to do about it?  It doesn’t matter if I say I will never buy from those places again, because I already don’t.  There are further issues of law and custom to consider.  This is NOT an issue of free speech or the address of grievances, that are constitutionally protected.  The government cannot punish the vendors for the actions of the vendors employees.  Nor can they directly punish the employees.  But this action is a unique situation because no employees in the Pentagon have an unrestricted right to a work stoppage to benefit a political party.  Make no mistake.  This action is not a spontaneous uprising of immigrant laborers.  This is the Democratic party using their sock puppet organizations and corporate welfare queen CEOs to throw together an ANTI-Trump protest.  In the DoD, no one gets to protest against the commander-in-chief, on the clock and on our property.  The SECDEF can unilaterally revoke all the building passes for those workers who did not come to work today.  They still are employed by their companies… if there is room for them at another location.  Otherwise, they learn that nothing is free.  If they want to take on the power, they  should expect to pay a price for doing so.  And the vendor companies will have to find new employees and get them vetted through security so they will be closed for perhaps weeks, thus paying a price for their own narrow minded virtue signalling.  Totally fair all the way around.



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2 Responses to A Day without Immigrants

  1. A “Day Without Immigrants”? I didn’t notice any difference in that from any other day.
    Was it supposed to be a day without illegal immigrants, or legal immigrants? — they ARE different, you know…re:
    — when I was in the military, there were a couple of guys in my division who were the sons of LEGAL immigrants; they HATED illegals.
    — when I was at another duty station, the Leading Petty Officer was the eldest son of a Cuban family who had fled to the U.S. from “Castro’s Worker’s Paradise”. He HATED Communists with a passion, and LOATHED and DESPISED illegals.


  2. Heresolong says:

    But SECDEF won’t. And the “immigrants” won’t learn the lesson. And nothing will change. Unless the border is secured and immigration restricted to people who want to actually support our values and become Americans. So maybe.


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