Trump plans Executive order to save Black Colleges

According to the news this morning, Trump is planning to use an executive order to save HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) from extinction.  This is a stupid thing for Trump to do, but the news fails to mention what is in the executive order.

My idea for how this could be done is to take money away from NPR, NEA and research grants to ivy league universities and give that, dollar for dollar to the HBCU’s.  That would split the leftist vote and potentially paralyze hard left race identity agitators from hard left social welfare for ivory tower white liberals.  Brilliant.  But let’s see how Trump does it.  His idea could be good too.

Why are HBSU’s having trouble?  Because they suck.  No one goes there to get a quality education.  They go there to get the whole HBCU experience of going to school with 95% black kids.  And they don’t have entry requirements.  If a black student has actual education goals and good SAT scores, he goes to a REAL college, with white and Asian students.

The HBCU is an anachronism that goes back to the day when regular colleges would not permit black students to attend.  That hasn’t been true for at least half a century.  Any qualified black student can already go to any college in the country that he wants, just like any white student, with the same barriers to entry (cost and entry scores).

The federal government already heavily subsidizes this inferior product so that black families don’t need to pay for their educations.  The ROTC programs are nothing more than a scholarship program to give HBCU students tuition and some walking around money.  But the graduates are still so illiterate that the Army has to send them to remedial English classes just so that they can be infantry officers.

I would fix HBCU’s by cutting off all funding and let the little black snowflakes pay the full cost of their “black experience” themselves.

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2 Responses to Trump plans Executive order to save Black Colleges

  1. Heresolong says:

    I take everything they say Trump is about to do with a giant mountain of salt. The media is desperate to turn Americans against their president.


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