How to conquer North Korea

The hypothetical war in North Korea has been one of the primary motivating factors for American defense policy for more than 50 years.  It drives the size of the Army and the Fleet as well as driving weapons development.  I know how we can defeat the Koreans without firing a shot.

  1.  Get the Chinese on board.  Convince, bribe, intimidate them into joining the project.  Show them how it is in their best interest to shut down their little communist petting zoo and emancipate the animals.  The payoff for the Chinese is control and influence in the New unified Korea.  The honor they would get from the entire Asian world is something that is very valuable to them.Let them be seen as the great world power that freed the Koreas.
  2. Poison the Kims.  The whole family needs to go.  There can be no secret hidden heirs to take up the mantle.
  3. Start a massive propaganda campaign on every channel, print publication, media outlet.  The media campaign goal is to convince the Norks that their divine leader put in place a secret plan to defeat the South and America and that his plan was tremendously successful.  Their divine leader spend his sacred energy to accomplish his plan at the expense of his own life (and his family’s lives) and it worked.  Now the Korea’s will be unified and the South Koreans will be forced to pay reparations to the North.  Those reparations will be spent in the form of building infrastructure, Jobs, technology training, etc.
  4. Any General that tried to become another Kim gets whacked.
  5. The Chinese become the Arbiters and caretakers of the new government.  The Norks never know that the South wasn’t defeated.  Eventually, the South’s government expands to control the North.

See? Without the propaganda war, a ground campaign would have to annihilate 90% of the NORK population.  They are so thoroughly brainwashed, that a successful campaign against them MUST include a reality that fits inside their current world view.  Anything else is doomed to enormous loss of life.

No tank divisions needed.  No rocket launchers.  No submarine flotillas.  Just use the structure that the NORKS created themselves.  Then all you need is lots of trucks to bring food and supplies to the North.  You also have to train every South Korean soldier and civilian that has any contact with the North that this deception is critical to the success of the plan.

After about 40-50 years, the Kims will still be worshiped in special temples, but the NORK people will be otherwise indistinguishable from their Southen brothers.


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