Wil Wheaton != Wesley Crusher

In many ways, quite similar, but without the super genius.

Vox is noting how SJW Wil Wheaton got turned out by his fellow SWJ proles.  What did he expect?  The entirety of the SJW movement is all about one-upping victimology.  One group is more victimized than another and all virtue derives from being a victim.  Thus, people from higher groups lacks virtue by reason of their group.

But enough about that.  Let’s talk about Wesley.

There were a few episodes in ST:TNG where Crusher was trying to get into Star Fleet Academy.  A school so difficult to get into that even a super genius is totally outclassed by his competition and can’t get in.  This is seriously astonishing since Crusher is traveling on a ship with 500 people who ALL already graduated from SFA.   And what was Crusher supposed to learn at the academy when he is already creating cutting edge new technology as a hobby?  Who is going to have the brilliance to teach him anything?  The only guy in the universe even close is the one that can manipulate time and space with his mind, and Crusher picks up on that little trick pretty fast.

I can just imagine the lunch room banter after Crusher got rejected by SFA.

Ryker:  Too bad you didn’t get into SFA.

Wes:  Yes.  But there is always next year.

Ryker:  I was just telling the captain about how I got in on my first attempt.

Picard:  And I was just telling Brocoli how I spent most of my time there talking to the gardener thinking he was a professor.

Broccoli:  And I was just thinking about all those green women I chased but they rejected me for being a nerd.  But I still graduated with honors.

Troy:  I just went there to meet guys and only passed exams by reading the answers from the instructor’s minds.  I can only imagine how it must feel to be rejected.  No wait, I’m an empath and can actually feel how you feel.

Data:  I got in and I’m not even alive.

Kirk:  Hell, I didn’t even want to go, they chased me down and begged me to join.  Tracked me to a bar where I was drunk off my ass and picking fights with some of the morons who got in to be on the academy football team.

Picard:  Don’t worry, Wes, you will get your chance.

Picard, Ryker, Broccoli, Kirk, Data, and Geordi:   (Laughing).


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