Trump wins

I have already opined that Trump is possibly going to unravel 100 years of progressive policy in US government in his first term.  As a side shoot of that effort, I now suspect he is also on path to purge the Republican party of progressives.

It has been a dream of disaffected conservatives to leave the Republican party and create a third party, only to find their hopes dashed again and again.  Alternatively, they put their faith in the latest republican McCain-Romney-Bush weasel and accept the bad while hoping it won’t be “too bad”.  But Trump delivers.  And he keeps delivering.  All by himself, Trump may be reorganizing the two great entrenched political parties from Dems and Republicans into Communists and Conservative-libertarians.  The big labor unions are coming to the right and The Republican party elites are shifting to the Dems.

We could already see this in the last election when Wikileaks informed us all that Hillary Clinton funded Bush, McCain, Kasich and Fiorina’s campaigns.  I suspect she also funded Sanders but that was better hidden.


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8 Responses to Trump wins

  1. Ame says:

    what’s it like working in the middle of all that during this time?


    • No One says:

      Mostly here in DoD, we are unaffected by it all. The EO’s don’t really apply to us and all our “hard times” are coming to a close with the new administration. Sequestering hit us hard and our office has been under a hiring freeze/budget freeze/pay freeze for most of the last 8 years. So, except for the office full-metal-jacket feminist, most of us are just fine. It’s fun to watch the feminist meltdown but we have all been trained well enough to not gloat out loud. We all know that no matter who is president, the bureaucracy will still punish anyone who doesn’t toe the liberal party platform when it comes to HR stuff.

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      • Ame says:

        you ought to be keeping journals for your grandkids … a personal, handwritten, account of what it’s like to work in the middle of all this during these days. it will be priceless to them.

        it’s really amazing that you get to work there right now, imo. i enjoy reading what you write related.


  2. No One says:

    I don’t think it is all that priceless since my daughter has never been interested in any of it.

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  3. Ame says:

    btw – hope your daughter is doing well.


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