YouTube Sucks Monkey Balls

They have billions of hours of video.  They get millions more clips every day.  So why does their “pick me” algorithm keep showing the same items?

I watched the new Budwiser commercial and this is the pic YouTube flashed up afterwards.


It is the same 6 items I have seen all over the internet for weeks.  And the two on the left are Fake videos where the image shown does not match any images that are in the video you get linked to.

For example, that C-17 in the upper left is a video about “amazing plane crashes”.  But there is no video of a C-17 crashing and that picture was photoshopped to add the flames coming out of two engines.  There are some similar videos that show helicopters lifting sea ships that are obviously shopped and do not appear in the videos they link to.

What’s going on YouTube?  With all that content to link to, why do you keep showing the same limited crap on your “trending” selections?  That stuff is self-trending because you put it up as the only 6 things I get to choose from.  I would be more amused and click more ads if you put totally random things on instead of the same 6-10 fake things with grainy video of guys getting kicked in the nuts and ocean vessels overturning.


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