The Trump Era

The Trump scorecard is filling up so fast that I can no longer keep track of all his accomplishments.  Every day, he is doing something new that I really wanted to get done but had given up on hoping I would ever see.

Before Trump, America had resigned itself to an endless string of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton-Bush, with an occasional outlier.   We have all been told that there was an irreversible demographic momentum that would guarantee only milquetoast Republicans forevermore.  Trump showed us they were all wrong.

For decades, we have thought the Republican party was the party of stupid because no matter what happened in the world, they would miss opportunities and give away victories.   Trump showed us that the Republicans weren’t stupid all along.  They were really on the other side.

For decades, we have been subjected to ineffectual conservative movements and conservative candidates who accomplished nothing conservative whatsoever and the steady gains of the progressive movement for a 100 years, uninterrupted by “conservative” presidents.  Trump in his first week has accomplished more than decades of conservatives put together.  Despite all the Republican professionals telling us how it couldn’t be done or how we should “leave this to experienced political professionals”, Trump showed us in a single week that all of these things were EASY and they were easy all along.  We now all know that the only thing holding Republicans back all this time is that they didn’t really want to do any of those things they told voters that they wanted.

That part of the Republican party that is made up of old time candidates and faux-cons needs to adjust their outlook for a whole new political dynamic.  A dynamic in which the voters will no longer believe that they can’t do something in just a few days.  A dynamic where the voters won’t believe candidates who slow roll them or talk about how they just didn’t have the votes for something.  There is no Veto. There is no filibuster.  Republicans have a majority everywhere.  No excuses. No fig leaves to hid their pricks behind.   The Republican party is very quickly going to find itself in a race with Trump to try to out-Trump Trump.  But he has a head start.  It is possible, that Trump, who was elected to roll back Obama’s presidency, may in his first year demolish the legacy of 100 years of liberal influence in the government.

He has already earned re-election for a second term but I can’t imagine what he is even going to have left to do next year, let alone 4 years from now.

After his conquests in Egypt and Asia, Alexander wept that there were no more worlds to conquer.*


‘*  Yes.  I know this is totally hashing the quote to make it fit what I wanted.  I are a profeshunal jurnolist Now.


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