The Hillary Era

I can’t even imagine what the first week of Hillary would have looked like.  But I imagine this is the Hillary-shaped bullet we collectively dodged:

  1.  Unending week of media frenzy telling us everything about Hillary that her consultants wanted us to know.  The pageantry, parties and nation-wide thank-you tours would still be going on.
  2. Executive orders to fire Commy.
  3. Assad in Syria delivering a pie to the White House, along with his congratulations and a warm note asking to be friends.Image result for shawshank pie scene
  4. Incessant fawning by media about glass ceilings and how America finally grew up.
  5. Another lesbian on the Supreme Court.
  6. Presidential “work day” starting at 11am.
  7. Golf courses all over America breathing a sigh of relief that for the next 8 years their own members were not going to get kicked out to make room for a presidential round of golf.
  8. Executive order for a firing squad for any person with a camera within 500 yards of the President.
  9. Executive order demanding all images of Michelle Obama be digitally remastered to remove any photoshopping and then released again.
  10. Executive order to scrub these walls to within a millimeter of their frames to remove the Harkonnen stench.
  11. Executive order that no member of her staff can be taller than her

About No One

I am totally non-threatening
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One Response to The Hillary Era

  1. blueinfantry says:

    You’re on a roll… That’s good and I am so incredibly happy that we don’t have to experience it.


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